The land of Ruthyr or otherwise known as the Kingdom of Ruthyr is the homeland of the Ruthyrian people.

Ruthyr borders the Kingdom of Thorne, The Plains of Thanadan, The Kingdom of Danovir, The Direwood and The Free City of Saramist. It is also surrounded by the Tallamonne sea, The Mirren Sea, the Grey Moon sea and Calacorm Sea. The Kingdom itself has a mostly temperate climate, filled with forests, mountains, hills lakes and many rivers. The kingdom is divided into a number of different regions:

The Heartland
The South Fiefs
The Silver Coast
Ryme March
The Nora Valley
The Grey Sweep
Vale of Swords
The Wend
The Forest Cantons (and the Thread)
The Threshold
Starling Vale
The Lake Cantons
The Northern Wastes
The Broken Coast
Western Reaches
There are also a number of Islands as well.

The vast majority of the Kingdom is inhabited by Ruthyrians, with small pockets of the Dommo Brood living in mostly coastal cities and sometimes frequenting river systems and wandering in groups along roads in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country. There are also some Voranjarr people living in the Broken coast and among the various islands that lie of the coast, but outside of the far West of the country they are very rare to see. The vast majority of the population are Covenanters, a religious faith that believes in the divinity of mankind. Lesser known religions such as the ancient faith of the Astrarri and the banned (upon pain of death) cults of the Druna also exist in fringe parts of the kingdom.


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