Danovir is a tiny Mannish Kingdom to the North of Ruthyr, which borders the Direwood, Great Northern emptiness and the Kingdom of Thorne. It was formerly a region of Ruthyr, but gained its independence after a short but violent war.

History and politics
Once known as Danovir March, this was one of the last regions to be colonized by the victorious Ruthyrian people after the end of the Fey war. The March was once a frontier region within Ruthyr but now is its own separate kingdom, choosing to break away over 150 years ago following a great war known as the Danovir-Ruthyrian War. The Danoviro won the war and declared their Margrave Alistro Vaamer King of the Talthovir mountains and lord over Danovir’s people. The Ruthyrians who were also fighting with the Voranjarr and at the same time kingless and trying to deal with the threat of the Anataine decided to give up the March accepting its independence. Since gaining its independence, very little news has come from the Kingdom into Ruthyr; for, the same advantages that helped it win the war (desolate and difficult mountain peaks surrounding the Kingdom) are now an impediment to communication and trade. With little contact and much time passing, Danovir resembles the Threshold in some ways, a place far away from the heart of Mankind were strange customs and suspicion of outsiders prevail.

The kingdom is surrounded by high mountains that served as good protection against the Ruthryrian armies during the Danovir-Ruthyrian War. Within the valleys that make up Danovir are deep forests, lakes and rivers and good grazing land for sheep and cattle.

The Danoviro are Ruthyrians in origin and tend to have most of the customs of their cousins in Ruthyr. Though they view their southern neighbours with distrust they share most things in common with them, including their faith (majority Covenanter), and style of clothing etc.


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