The Eternal Covenant

The Eternal Covenant (also known as the Covenant or the Covenanter Faith) is by far the largest religion in Ruthyr.

The Covenant (who’s followers are called Covenanters) believe in the immortality of the soul and of the Divinity of Mankind. They believe that memory and meaning are themselves the fabric of the Universe and that essence of this power is derived from a spiritual afterworld known as “The Eternal” or Great Beyond. Certain souls of men and women who have done great deeds are given the chance to turn back and face the world itself, these people are called Saints and there essence lies between the two worlds, they listen and watch over mankind helping them in times of danger or spiritual crisis. There are many saints all people who lived spiritual lives and who could work miracles while alive and even while dead. Prayer and veneration of the Saints is the main preoccupation of most Covenanters and in these darks times becomes more and more important to the lives of the faithful.

Organization and History
The Covenanters are believed to have originated from across the Southern sea coming with the Ruthyrians themselves to the land which would later bear its name. The Covenanters were originally not an aggressive faith but one that sought to allay peoples fears of the afterlife by explaining that no idea or memory ever died. That was until the coming of the Anataine. This spiritual disease began to lay waste to the people, corrupting souls so they could not travel and barring entry to the Seraphim (the spiritual inhabitants of the Eternal). This brought rise to the Chroniclers who were created to stop the spread of the Anataine and give aid to the souls that would travel to the world beyond life. Chantries were also built in order to strengthen the Eternal from the Anataine, Later with the Wars of the Fey other military orders of holy knights would be created. the most notorious among them the Order of the Knights of the Crimson Crucible who would hunt the Covenants enemies and put them to the sword. Presiding over it all are the Patriarchs, Abbots and Priors who rule various decentralized houses of worship, from Metropolitan patriarchs who control Cathedrals in big cities, to the small Abbey in the country to the Master scholars who run Schools within the well known Universities of Ruthyr, there is no single person responsible or in control of the faith, and it is almost a miracle that the members of the faith all agree on its tenets, yet they do, the strength of the Covenanters is their fear of forgetting, their devotion to history, culture and tradition, it is literally the source of their strength and doubles as the glue that keeps a decentralized religion like theirs together.

Beliefs and philosophy
In Covenanter belief, The Eternal is a place where the dead travel when they die, not a physical place but a place of pure understanding and memory. There the self dissolves into eternal substance and lives on for all time. In the Beyond dwell the Seraph, beings of goodness and light, who were never born and who never die, and who’s job it is to guide the souls of the dead to the Eternal. Some souls that travel to the Great beyond are labelled saints and these people retain some of their personality and ego in order to be able to turn back and help the mortal world. People who pray to the Saints are often answered with miracles although often miracles are hard to discern from coincidence. Covenanters believe that the source of Evil in the world is the Anataine, a spiritual plague that erodes the power of the Eternal, stops souls from traveling to the afterlife and even destroy souls who have already reached there. To stop this Covenanters have chantries, houses of worship where people repeat names, dates, places and events over and over, these ‘chants’ are special prayers that reinforce the the Eternal and help it to stave off the encroachment of the Anataine. Additionally there are Chroniclers, who wander about in the world adding information to their chronicle which in the act of doing also strengthens living things in the world as well. Chroniclers are chosen directly by the Saints themselves, and are able to work miracles and have their prayers heard more readily.

The Eternal Covenant

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